Thursday, July 7, 2011

[(ET + LR + IA = BC –> ROI ) | (DVKB > R) | (C = (P+L)xF)]

WTF books have come out with some chestnuts in recent months, but the latest offering from Terry T. Derby titled Formulae for Change, Leadership and Leadership Change amplifies to a tee the whole genre of change metrics.

A compilation of compelling anecdotes and radical simplifications of concrete truths, this synopsis of the mechanisms of change, leadership and changing leadership girates the reader through the full spectrum of organizational scenarios that aim to incubate leadership gametes.

Derby focuses on a range of simple formulae offered by a variety of commentators and experts that help us focus on the weights and measures required to effect the desired results.

These include the Trinity Training Formula - How to maximize ROI from Day Camp, which outlines where to focus efforts in situations where an organization attempts to engender behavioural change through mind management:

   ET + LR + IA = BC –>  ROI

Which means Effective Training (ET) and Leadership Reinforcement (LR) and Individual Application, result in Changed Behavior (BC), which implies some possibly unmeasurable factor of Return on Investment (ROI).

Or there's the Downtown Pastor's negative input formula for positive change:

C = (P+L)xF

Meaning Change (C) comes from Pain (P) + Loss (L) multiplied by a bucket load of Frustration (F).

Or there's the Borat Armalyetee balance formula for implementing effective transitional change:


Which translates to the idea that Demand (D) x Vision (V) x Knowledge of next steps (K) x Belief (B) must always be greater than Resistance (R) in order that forward momentum be first instigated, then maintained.

In summary, this book is a must-have to all those desperate to be led in how to lead, or those wishing to change their current change management regimes. Available in all reputable book selling locations.

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