Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Practical Imagineer - Turning Dreams Into Thought

Despite a reputation for having both sheets aft, in Practical Imagineer, Leonard Stoat offers us yet another tome full to the gunwhales with useful tips and tricks for disciples of brand marketing and value creation.

Practical Imagineer is a hard and fast guide to reverse engineering your dreams into rational thought and making them available for practical application. Once you fathom out the lessons in this book, there will be no stopping you anchoring your ability to transform imagination into value creation.

Stoat splits the book into 7 "seas". Each sea represents a step in walking the plank backwards, from a dreamworld awash with counterfactual alternatives to reality, to the waters of more concrete cognitive processes.

Having reached the conclusion of this copper-bottomed tome, I'm convinced that Stoat deserves his rightful place in the Pantheon of Imagineers who have truly raised the boom.

The Practical Imagineer - Turning Dreams into Thought by Leonard Stoat. Available where books are sold.

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  1. Hope it's better than that study he did on gravel. Utter rubbish. He must have been sleeping with the publisher