Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why huh? - They do stuff

I recently stumbled across huh?, a new and very agile design, consultancy and market solutions agency whose methods either leave you breathless, or speechless. You take your pick...

huh? is an enclave of new-age e-movers. They use catchy names for their job titles, like Vision Guidance Leader instead of Consultant. Cool names make them sound smarter and more clever. And that they are.

The CEO is rarely in his office, and all female team members are expected to go to dinner with him, or at least pretend like they'd want to sleep with him. After years of hard labour and Just For Men, it's the least reward we should expect for him.

huh? designers ride Razor scooters around the office, while wearing mail-bag style backpacks to hold their iPods. Once in a while they pause on the sofas and discover new ways of getting Flash on their iPads.

They have lots of shiny espresso machines, and all their new-age eMovers (that's the cool way to say "consultants," remember?) drive to work in VW Beetles, New Minis or minty-choccy-chip coloured Fiat Cinequecentos.

Appearance is everything, because huh? will get more of your money by looking cool than by doing quality work. And who cares, right, provided your customers are stampeding at your door with dollars dripping from their palms, just so they can get a piece of the shiny stuff.

If you call their office, the phone will be answered by a very disinterested intern, giving you the impression that they're too important to talk to you. And if you're reading this, then it's because they are.

Want more huh?

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